About Us

Although husband and wife, our work reflects our individual design and represents our unique and distinctive approaches to life.
When I was in my late teens, our family home was destroyed in the Bushfire of 1980, leaving the surrounding Adelaide Hills in a blanket of thick smoke, black tree trunks and a grey ash ground for what seemed to last forever. Thus my craving to use Bright Bold colours in my Art work became even more important.

As an artisan, I tend to approach my work from graphic, abstract and stylized perspectives. I love to make my work Designed to be Noticed. That is how my hobby received its Business name, JEN-e-sais-quoi. It is a play on my name and the French word Je-ne-sais-quoi (pronounced ‘je-ner-say-qua’) which means "an indescribable attractive attribute or quality"; "a certain something."

I enjoy having total control over the colours and shapes, particularly in my making my beads and jewellery. To produce Wearable Art is great but to be able to produce the Wearable Art, having MADE your own beads is very rewarding and satisfying.

I love what I do and as a result I offer Ceramic and Glass Classes. It is such a thrill to give others a chance to experience and explore these creative activities for themselves. And for people who are unable to attend one of my classes, I have Ceramic Beads that can be posted anywhere, so they can painted to make something uniquely theirs.

Stirling - B.A. M.A. (Visual Arts)
I create plates because they combine artistic beauty with practicality.  They can be admired or  used as serving wear, if so desired.

My work focuses primarily on on the sensuous expressions of the human form and their connections to the mythical and mystical.  I celebrate the beauty and mystery of existence through my artwork and use the creation of each  platter  as a meditation.  In their creation I explore both the external world and my inner vision of it.  This exploration  is woven into my work and it is the hidden gift I offer with my ceramic plates.  Some of my creations include verse or text I have written.

I also create both platters and canvasses whose subject matter is flavoured with a retro, Mid - Twentieth Century flavour.  This art work draws its’ inspiration from the glamour, optimism and cool elegance of the Modernist Movement with a dash of  pulp culture - High Modernism dates Low brow cheesecake:  - Betty Page dressed by Dior, Beatnic Zen, hot rods at the opera.  It is all about the ironic tension between form and freedom, myth and reason, that eternal crevasse between what we experience and our ability to express it.

Being creative is a way of entering more deeply into the lived experience, of becoming more aware, of cultivating that blissful state where gratitude for existing is the overriding emotional condition.

My greatest joy is painting what I love and Jen features regularly as my model and muse.

All Enquiries Welcomed:- 8390 3763